The Two Governing Dynamics of Change

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1. Change is difficult but necessary

We are all afraid of trying something new. It's just natural. We are creatures of habit, we do what we are used to and what we are good at. We want to get it right, we want to know what's coming up, we want to keep what we have. People in power want to keep their influence and will fight to preserve things how they are.

On the other hand we all strive for change. The essence of achieving anything is risk-taking, if we don't take a risk we cannot evolve, be it in business, in family or in society.

This is the First Governing Dynamic of change: We all need it, but we are afraid of it.

2. Change is personal, but most change is for a greater purpose

Change always occurs in a context. The management wants to change how we do our work, the authorities want to change how we pay our taxes, or our family wants to change what we do together. When someone wants something to change, it almost always involves others.

But we are all motivated by self-interest. Unless we see a personal winning we wont act. That personal winning may be anything from getting a pay-raise or learning semething, to being loved or just the feeling of having helped someone else.

This is the Second Governing Dynamic of Change: Unless the self-interest is greater than the common-good, change wont happen.
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